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Barlee’s Angels is 100% volunteer run and exists only because of the generosity of others.  Our orphans are housed in a network of foster homes as we do not have a shelter facility.  Therefore it is not possible to drop-by to meet the dogs.  A pet meet will be arranged for approved adopters with a matched dog.

To see our gallery of adoptable pets, click here or you can see them on Adopt-a-Pet, PetFinder or Facebook .  We also have a Facebook group that is active with foster parents posting regular videos and pictures of our adoptable pets.

The adoption process is different than the one in most shelters and can take 2 to 3 weeks, but can take longer if we are backlogged or have delays with your application.  Be sure you use an email address you check frequently on the application, and check your spam should it be filtered.

  1. You fill out an application.  The application form is at the bottom of this page.
  2. When you press the submit button, you will get a ‘thanks for your application’ message if you completed the form successfully.  If you see the form again, it means that there is a field on the form that is missing data, or incorrect format.
  3. Your application is manually confirmed within 2-4 days and you are asked a few initial questions by email to activate your application.  If you do not get a manual confirmation email, please re-send your application.
  4. When your responses are received, your references and veterinarian are called for reference check. Clearance must be provided to your vet to talk to Barlee’s.
  5. Once your references are verified, you will be contacted to schedule a home visit.
  6. The home visit is completed by Barlee’s volunteers and allows us to put faces to names, see where the dog will be living and discuss the application in more detail.
  7. With a successful home visit, a matching volunteer will call you to discuss dogs that may match your living situation and expectations for a dog.
  8. A pet-meet will then be scheduled so that you can meet the dog that the matching volunteer and you agree is likely the best match for your household.
  9. We know adopting your next family member is a big decision and if the pet is mutually deemed to be a match with the household, you will be provided time after the meet to discuss.
  10. A Trial adoption will begin.  Trial adoptions are usually for a duration of 1-4 weeks at which time a final adoption agreement will be completed.

Until your application is approved and you have received a call from a matching volunteer, you won’t meet a potential pet.

Barlee's Angels Rescue Network- Adoption Application

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Thanks for your interest in an adopted pet from Barlee's Angels.  This form has many required fields (shown with a red asterisk).  It is easiest to complete this form using a full size screen.  If you are using a tablet or phone, take care to ensure that you complete every field.

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Please stay on this web page until you see a message that confirms your submission. If you navigate away from this page, your submission may not complete.

There are many required fields on this form.  If you've missed one of them, the form will simply return to you, with the problem fields highlighted in red.  If you are using a phone, it can be difficult to find the problem fields.

It make take several seconds to complete the submission, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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